Why take a bus when flying in a plane seems far easier? Actually, there are a lot of advantages to traveling by bus rather than flying to your destination. When price, hassle, overall travel time, and amenities are all considered, you may be surprised to see that a bus is sometimes the best travel option for groups.

While they have an unfortunate reputation of being old and stuffy, modern charter buses offer comfortable transportation solutions at prices that blow other options out of the water.

Able to carry up to 56 passengers at a time, charter buses decrease in price-per-person as your group becomes larger. While the cost of flying will soar as your group grows, you’ll cut the price of your charter bus rental exponentially as you add people to share the cost.

Whether you’re traveling with your church group, sports, corporate events, friends, or family, a bus is the best way to go. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits a bus can offer you on your next journey!

Direct Travel

When you’re traveling on an airplane, total travel time has to account for getting to the airport 60-90 minutes in advance, checking baggage, shuffling through security, finding your gate, and waiting in your seat for the plane to taxi and take off. After landing, you’ll also have to find baggage claim and wait for a transfer vehicle to take you to your destination.

A bus, on the other hand, can pick you up right from your neighborhood, or other designated pickup area, and drop you off at your final destination with as many or as few stops as you’d like to make along the way. This point-to-point transportation eliminates much of the hassle that comes with air travel.

Comfortable Accommodations

Bus manufacturers take more care to ensure passenger comfort since bus trips tend to be longer than plane rides. Many buses come with leather seats designed for long-term comfort while most planes are stuck with old, rough fabric and lumpy seat cushions.

Like plane seats, bus seats recline for added comfort, but they are also accompanied by large, panoramic windows instead of the small, unevenly spaced windows you typically see on planes. On your private bus, you’ll be able to take in the view on a long-distance road trip, making your journey just as enjoyable as your destination.

It’s much easier to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride on a bus, which leads us to our next point:

Extra Leg Room

Plane seats are very close together, keeping your legs cramped for hours at a time. The average plane seat is 30 inches behind the seat in front of it, while bus seats tend to be 36 inches away from each other.

If the leg room still irks you on a bus, you’re free to walk around with few restrictions. Move to a different row to talk to someone else, or use the on-board restroom whenever you wish. Planes often require that you stay seated due to turbulence or other setbacks.

More Storage Space

You won’t incur added fees for oversized baggage or extra carry-ons with a private bus. Pack as much as you’d like and store it safely in luggage bays until you reach your destination while your carry-ons stay safely stowed in overhead compartments. You can even pack a cooler or two of your favorite snacks and drinks to keep on the bus without having to worry about added carry-on fees.

Once you’ve arrived, you won’t have to wait at baggage claim or worry that an airline lost your luggage. You can unload everything immediately from the bus with no worries, allowing for more time to get the important part of your trip started.

Booking your Own Charter Bus

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