Class trips, sporting events, and field trips are all amazing parts of any school experience. That being said, they’re also excellent reasons for a school to rent a charter bus. They’re an extremely popular choice for classes looking to transport a large group of people to a certain location.

If you’re planning on taking your students to an event, you’re going to need a way to get there. If you’re thinking about what form of transportation to use but are debating whether or not to partake in bus rental, keep on reading.

Yellow school buses are a well-known form of transportation for school-aged children and their teachers. However, those yellow buses aren’t exactly comfortable or roomy, and can often be cold and outdated.

When using bus rental with a charter bus, you’re giving the faculty, staff, and students more comfort on board a bus. You may even decide to rent a bus that includes amenities such as charging stations, televisions, and bathrooms. This is ideal for classes that are going on longer trips.

Our Charter bus drivers must be extremely knowledgeable in terms of how to get to different locations outside of the school’s district area. School bus drivers may only be familiar with the area inside of the district zone, so using a charter bus driver to take students and staff on a field trip can really come in handy. This is great for trips that are longer or traveling to destinations that are farther away.

Using charter bus rental allows for the field trips and other events to be father distances away from the school. A charter bus will offer the school some cost-effective price options that will best fit their needs while being able to transport them to distances that are often times outside of the school zone.

In 2019, students and seniors accounted for 50.2% of the passenger trips done by the Charter Bus industry so it’s clear that a charter bus rental is a popular option for those looking to take their students on longer-distance journeys.

No matter where your next field trip takes you, a charter bus could be the transportation solution you’ve been looking for. Contact FLORIDA BUS SERVICE for information on how to help your organization, school or university book their next charter bus trip in class!