If you’re in charge of transportation for your organization and need a bus on a regular basis, Florida Bus Service can help. When you book a recurring shuttle with Florida Bus Service, you won’t have to worry about people running late, getting lost or being unable to find parking. We’ll send a modern minibus or charter bus to pick your group up at the times you choose each day, week, or month. And you’ll only have to sign one contract rather than booking multiple trips.

We also pride ourselves on fair and transparent pricing. When we calculate your daily rate, we include the cost of your vehicle, your driver, fuel, and insurance, as well as maintenance costs, taxes, and fees. Although this may make your initial estimate seem high, it means there won’t be hidden fees or surcharges after you sign your contract.

So how do you know if you need a shuttle? Here are some examples of groups who may benefit from long-term shuttle service and how Florida Bus Service can help them.


Smaller universities that don’t have their own bus service often rely on charter buses to take their students from far-away parking lots to classroom buildings and sports fields. Florida Bus Service can give you a contract so that you’ll know in advance how much it costs to offer a shuttle everyday or several times a week. We can also provide ADA-accessible buses for students with mobility-related disabilities.

Ongoing shuttle service isn’t just helpful for getting students to class, though. A shuttle can also take care of students attending parties who need a DD or don’t have their own car. Part of a Greek organization? Give us a call before your fund-raising event or semi-formal and we’ll find a charter bus with plush, reclining seats and air-conditioning to take you to the venue and bring you home at the end of the night.

Sports Teams

Don’t worry about athletes showing up late to a tournament or whether you can find enough parents to form a carpool. Florida Bus Service would love to provide a motorcoach for all of your team’s tournaments or away games with air-conditioning, abundant storage space for equipment, and TVs to keep your players entertained. Whether you’re in charge of an independent youth soccer team, a high-school volleyball team, or a local Little League team, we’ve got you covered.

Tour Companies

We regularly provide buses for tour companies who are guiding visitors up the East or West coasts of Florida or even on a coast-to-coast journey. Need to take a group of international tourists through Orlando, Tampa or Miami? We can provide a spacious charter bus with free WiFi and TVs so no one will get bored during the drive.

Your recurring contract ensures that you won’t have to worry about finding a bus from scratch every time you book a tour. You’ll have consistent use of a modern charter bus from our network with a professional driver who can transport your guests safely around the U.S.

Conventions and Major Events

If you’re in charge of transportation for a major event, you might want to call (877) 553-1001 or email to request ongoing shuttle service for the entire week or long weekend. Florida Bus Service regularly serves music festivals, political conventions, and other massive gatherings that draw thousands of people.

A charter bus is one of the easiest ways to get guests safely from their hotel rooms to your event without worrying about anyone getting lost or having trouble finding transportation. REQUEST A FREE QUOTE TODAY!